Finished the Wiki
Over the last week we worked hard to finish our wiki for the iGEM competition. Take a look at it, although we started late, we are totally happy with the result.
On our wiki we describe the results of our experiments and this is basis of the judgement in the competetion.
If you are interested in the details, who iGEM@home is related to our whole project visit our pages on the software details and citizen science.
I'm sorry that for the last week we couldn't spend 100% of our energy for you, but now we back on track and will take that there is always enough work for everyone ;)
Furthermore we want to thank everyone who participate in the survey, it gave us really valuable feedback for the future of the project. Especially all the people who were asking for checkpoints clarified, that this is definitely the feature that we should tackle next. So stay tuned for updates on this issue.