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Thread: Holiday

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    Hi all AMDers,

    I'm taking a well earned break after working 22 months straight.
    Before starting my next contract, I'm going to Valencia for 10 days.
    What that means is there will be no stats update from me until July 17th.
    I'm sure that Bok's stats are more up-to-date anyway .

    Stats man
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    Have nice (and well-earned) holidays, all ten of them!

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    Ototero, long time no see!

    You deserve your vacations sir! 22 months straight is a lot of time working, but I bet it flew by real quick.
    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say you are going to Valencia in Spain, right? That's the closest one to the UK I found on a quick google search

    Hope you rest plenty and enjoy, and come by the forums more often (after you are back )

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