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Thread: Climateprediction.net News

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    Climateprediction.net News

    Meet the CPDN team at the University of Oxfordís Curiosity Carnival on 29 September
    Curiosity Carnival is Oxford’s contribution to European Researchers’ Night, a Europe-wide celebration of academic research for the public. Taking place on 29 September 2017, Curiosity Carnival will showcase the world-leading research taking place here at Oxford to a large and diverse audience through a programme that will include live experiments, debates, bite-sized talks and other […]


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    This Link is to where a healthy discussion continues to the lack thereof Credits being given. Since August 14th no credits have been given. ( Sounds like QCN but it isn't ) There is a script that is broken and now with nearly 6 weeks of people continuing to crunch Work Units they have a really big backup of WU's to go through.

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    Only thing that would help is a massive volunteer strike. Let's see how quick they can get into action when no WUs are being proccessed...
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