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Thread: GoofyxGrid News

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    GoofyxGrid News

    Change for GoofyxGrid@Home
    I have first result for my efforts for monkeys and goofyxGrid@home. Because at this moment there is no possibility to have one project with many cpu and many nci apps (this problem is reported on mailing-group and on github) I have to split my GG@H into two separated project:
    1. http://cpu.goofyxgridathome.net
    2. http://nci.goofyxgridathome.net


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    It is five month further now, and it looks like Goofyx finally has it running as he wants to. BOINCStats now reports all your credit for the project so far as GoofyxGrid@Home NCI
    It also looks like the 'Grid Computing Center' is completely from the radar.

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