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Thread: ATLAS@home News

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    ATLAS@home News

    BOINC Pentathlon - Sixtrack sprint
    We are very grateful to have been chosen for the BOINC Pentathlon of SETI Germany over the next days. For this, the Sixtrack team has submitted a huge backlog of jobs, and our servers will primarily distribute Sixtrack tasks over the next days. There will only be drip-feed of other applications for now until our backlog is reduced. For fans of other applications, stay tuned or run Sixtrack for a few days.


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    Perhaps nice to know that the Sixtracks application is LHC's sole non-vbox app...
    It is, BOINC-wise, a very advanced piece of software available on platforms other than just Windows and Linux: there is a native FreeBSD version and a Intel 64-bit Mac OS 10.5 or later (both in AVX and SSE2 variants),
    and if they also have the sixtracktest (beta test) running there's even apps for Android running on aarch64 and Linux running aarch64 -nice for Vaughan's Odroid-N2's
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