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Thread: Formula BOINC 2020

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    Formula BOINC 2020

    Hey AMD Users we can improve in Formula BOINC if we apply ourselves.

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    If we all replace old crunchers with a new Ryzens with double the threads of the old systems....
    And such a system needn't break the bank either. It is a pity that the Ryzen 5 2400G and 3400G prices seem to have exploded, as they are both 60 euro's more expensive than a few months ago.
    When they are back at 120 Euro's and have been coupled to 32 GB of the fastest RAM that they can handle they offer very good performance: 8 threads and a relatively strong IGP.

    But let's say you have still an old two-core running (be it either an Intel or an AMD), with an equally old GPU. You are then better off running an Athlon 200 or 3000, as it offers four threads -and its somewhat meager internal graphics might be augmented by e.g a 30 Watt nVidia GT 1030 to reach the same level of performance as your old graphics -hell of a job to have two different GPU vendors crunching in Linux, but it can be done: OpenCL and X-server for one, CUDA compute-only for the other. You can also choose an auxiliary AMD card of course, e.g. a RX 560, and your new cruncher can run circles around the old one.

    If your old GPU is anywhere half-decent you might want to marry it to a six-core/twelve-thread Ryzen 5 though, for better performance.
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