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    PrimeGrid News

    Magellan 500th Anniversary Challenge starts 18 November
    The eighth challenge of the 2020 Series will be a 10-day challenge commemorating the (approximate) 500th Anniversary of the extraordinary expedition of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The challenge will be offered on the CUL-LLR and WOO-LLR subprojects, beginning 18 November 18:00 UTC and ending 28 November 18:00 UTC.To participate in the Challenge, please select only the Cullen Prime Search LLR (CUL) and/or Woodall Prime Search LLR (WOO) projects in your PrimeGrid preferences section. Work units which are downloaded and completed during the challenge will count towards your challenge score.Note: This will be our second challenge using LLR2, which eliminates the need for a full doublecheck task on each workunit, but replaces it with a short verification task. Expect to receive a few tasks about 1% of normal length.Comments? Concerns? Conundrums? Confusions? Think we'll break the decade-long drought of Cullen primes? Tell us in the forum thread for this challenge. Best of luck!


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    Whoops, forgot the start, but I've got going now. Should have my first task (Woodall) finished later today.

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    I'll join as soon as the 16th WCG birthday challenge is over!

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