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I know very little about solar stuff still, but after contacting 4 local providers and asking for quotes I went with the one that gave the highest amount of power I could get (pushing the limits of the local utility rules), from the specs they gave me it says it's a 13.2kW system, 42 Hanwha panels 315W each. It covers almost all the usable roof space I got, and it was actually a pretty competitive price compared with the other quotes.

The mySolarEdge app has been recording the energy captured for the past few days, and it's been 6.98kWh (rainy day), 28.95kWh (sunny day), 30kWh (sunny day), 28.88kWh (sunny day), 17.52kWh (cloudy day), and 27.83kWh (sunny day).

From what I can tell right now I use on average 20kWh/day so I'm generating about 7 to 10kW extra on sunny days, but I'm still trying to study how this is going to work out because the utility has some quirky regulations, I have to accumulate credits for so long before using them, then if unused after so long they expire, and some other odds and ends I couldn't quite grasp yet. I've been trying to read up on it and understand their rules, but I think I just have to get on the phone with them and ask how this works. The last thing I want is to give them free energy.
Congrats on the solar install. That is an impressive amount of solar. The few years I worked at a company doing solar many states had net metering (same rates for solar as you pay for electricty) which has been attacked and changed to avoided cost or some other crap. I do hope our states get on board with the benefits of solar and bring back net metering. We could even be getting a premium for solar electricity if we start giving credit for clean energy systems. I only have a little over 5kw on my south facing roof here and very rarely do I see the meter move backwards.