Ok... in a few more days after I pass 100M and Nflight I'll give the poor machine a rest. The temperatures this week dropped quite a bit here so it'll be good to have it running at full steam for a little longer.

Then I'm going to shut it down and revise the machine one more time, one of the RX 580's is going to have to be taken out. This will give me a little breathing room to be able to go in the Radeon Performance settings and actually raise the Power Limit of all the graphics cards so that they can run at slightly higher frequencies

I think I'm going to put that RX 580 on my desktop, which currently has been running an R9 380, and put that R9 380 to rest... or find it a shelter in one of my empty carcasses of old crunchers, just to keep it running until it dies of old age, or GPU prices come down again, whichever comes first.

We're a month away from Primegrid's "Yuri's Night Challenge" on Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun primes, I think that will be my next target for a good run with the revised cruncher.