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    PrimeGrid News

    An Ending and a Beginning
    This is the End...Yesterday, the last task in our Fermat Divisor Search was sent out for processing. While there will likely be a few resends available over the next week or two, if you have PPS-DIV selected as your only project, we recommend choosing something else. This project was very successful, having found two Fermat divisors! Congratulations everyone, and thank you for participating.Discussion about the Fermat divisor search can be found here: Also the BeginningIn less than an hour, at 12:00 UTC on Pi Day, our Sier"pi"nski's Birthday Challenge will be starting. This is a 10 day challenge on our Seventeen or Bust (SoB) project.Details and discussion about the challenge can be found here:


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    The end of the Fermat Divisor Search... Hope new sub projects come up to replace it!

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