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Thread: WEP-M+2 News

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    WEP-M+2 News

    12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
    ...287050 times


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    Is it just me, or is WEP slowing down? I have some dedicated hardware running WEP (Raspberries and Odroids), and their average credit is dropping by the day.
    At first I thought that either WuProp or Ithena (NCI projects that run along for free) were eating steadily more CPU and/or RAM, but it appears that Mr. Pen-Ding and Mrs. Wai-Ting have showed up here -just when I thought to replace my Raspberry Pi 2's with a nVidia Jetson Nano (that should be able to crunch more on its own than the two Pi 2's together).

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