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Thread: Blowing My Own Horn

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    Gone already.

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    Hello gamer007 long time no see, those work units will be back, they seem to refill the container quite often right now. On top of that some of those long work units are putting out some amazing points values.

    I was hoping to bring back some old timers to the Web Site. How have you been ?

    Challenge me, or correct me, but don't ask me to die quietly.

    …Pursuit is always hard, capturing is really not the focus, it’s the hunt ...

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    LHC@Home are now busy tranferring credit from vLHCathome to LHC@Home, teams stats are in for a major shake-up. https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/...y=total_credit
    When the dust is settled they will transfer ATLAS and LHCathome-dev too....
    I can only hope for decent sub-project stats (and dito badges )
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