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Thread: Shoft finishing

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    Shoft finishing

    From the Shoft site:

    Dear participants!

    Thank you for your help and collaboration with our test project. Now we have tested our configuration and accumulated a lot of statistic information, which will be useful for future clients. At the time, we carry on negotiations with several potential customers.

    From this point, Shoft@Home suspends its activity and it will be finally finished at the end of year. All participants will be notified via e-mail as soon as real commercial application appears, and project will work for a profit as it has planned.

    We hope for the future cooperation.

    Thank you for joining us!

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    ...and shoft finally finished.

    Even after the announcement they were still working, but now they have really finished.

    I was perplexed at why our score didn't go up since several days ago, so I checked the site and saw that the boinc project site is not there anymore.

    Oh well... another one into the archives. :roll:
    And a good one! We finished 2nd! :D

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