I'm trying to build a page about Distributed Folding and the AMD Users presence on it, and I already got all the stats numbers and stuff needed.
Now I'm looking to get an idea of what the project was like under the participants point of view. I didn't get to participate in this classic project but I'm sure there's people here who did. (We ranked 42nd out of 693 teams )

So tell me what you remember of it. How was it like to run it? Did you like it? Was it stable or did it have downtimes? Had pretty graphics? Was the client software stable? What did you like/hate the most in it?
Anything you can remember really...

And I hope you don't mind if I quote you on what you write. ;)

p.s. - Vaughan, I already picked up a nice line to quote you on from the last time I asked you about the project. I won't disclose which as to not spoil the surprise. :P Do write more if you can.

EDIT: Sorry for the double posting. Thought the post hadn't gone through so I clicked submit a second time... the other one has been deleted.