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Thread: instructions for joining my project

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    instructions for joining my project

    Hello everyone!!!

    Thanks to Bionic for posting on the front page info about my project. I actually just noticed it about 30 minutes ago so am a little late responding to the posts. I didn't realize you were from Bionic when you emailed me earlier yesterday.

    In response to Vaugh, it looks like you are trying to use the program TwinGen. We are actually done sieving so don't use TwinGen anymore. The instructions below will tell you exactly what to do.


    OK, anyone interested in joining, email me at:
    with the number of machines participating, whether they are running Linux or Windows, and the specs of them (megahertz speed). I will email you back line numbers for each machine and follow the instrutions below to start.

    These instructions are for Windows users but Linux should be similar.

    1. First, go to:
    and download for Windows or prp.tgz for Linux. Extract it.

    2. Next go to:
    and click on the link "sieving files and prp testing". Then click on "final prp testing file". Download input.txt to where you extracted PRP.

    3. Double-click prp.exe Under Options, put a checkmark next to "start at bootup" so that prp will start automatically everytime you reboot your machine. Leave priority at 1, so that PRP will not interfere with your other work. Putting the priority higher than 1 does not speed up PRP at all during idle time. However, pleaee turn off all screensavers, as these steal CPU cycles.

    4. Now go to Test, input data. Type input.txt for the input file, output.txt for the output file, and put the line number I gave you in the email as the starting line number. Then click OK.

    Let PRP run all day, everyday. I will e-mail you no longer than one month apart for the latest results.txt file (which PRP creates automatically). As Bionic said in the previous thread, if you go Test, stop, or stop PRP somehow, just go Test, continue, to continue where you left off (DO NOT do test, input data again).

    I give you line numbers that make sure you don't bump into another 's persons testing area (found in tracking.txt file on my website).

    Bionic posted some comments about how he got it started under Linux in the previous thread, so hopefully he can help out if you have trouble under Linux.

    Thanks to everyone who joins!! and we hopefully should be soon in getting prime#14 I will be updating the website some more too. All comments or questions are welcome.

    william garnett

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    Try this site now:

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    I see your name there Vaughan, but the project doesn't have teams support, has it?

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    Alas, no teams.

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