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    Quote Originally Posted by gatekeeper53 View Post
    I wonder if they will make the wu's bigger before their server explodes trying to handle the traffic?

    I will ask...
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    While creising the boards I came across this......

    Message 2380 - Posted 22 Nov 2006 12:48:49 UTC
    In the next few days I will increase the throughput of the project step by step.

    The goal is to have 50.000 credits per day.

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    the team dropped from 7th to 8th today ....

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    I'm helping, but its usually hard to get WUs in this project.

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    I threw my laptop on the project. It should get maybe 200 points a day. It's not much, but my resources are on XtremLab right now.

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    Has anybody heard if WU are going to pick up here? I've put it on a couple of systems but they play hell getting WUs.

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    it seems like they increased the amount of WU a bunch

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamer007 View Post
    I'm helping, but its usually hard to get WUs in this project.
    Its still hard to get work units on this project, But I wanted to let everyone who worked on this project that I just hit 10,000 points, who knew it was going to take more then 18 months to achieve the goal.

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    WELL DONE Nflight.

    That is fantastic.

    It adds another arrow to the 10K-quiver that the rest don't have, eh?

    Welcome to the next level, bowman Nflight ;)

    At last there have been quite a few WUs in the last month.
    I am watching my RVM very closely!
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