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Thread: Lifemapper Flags, Proxy, Etc

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    Lifemapper Flags, Proxy, Etc

    From Chaz:

    -q: quiet mode
    -h: displays usage message
    -e <email>: log in to server using <email>
    -c <jobs>: always try to keep <jobs> cached locally
    -x <proxy>: use specified proxy server
    proxy format: http://[user[:password]@]http_proxy_address[:port]/
    -p <priority>: set process priority

    Priorities under Windows systems:
    32: Normal priority
    64: Low (idle) priority
    128: High priority

    On XP and Win2K there are additional priorities:
    16384: below normal
    32768: above normal

    Linux priority value range -20 to 20, -20 being highest priority and 20 lowest
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    Download windows command line interface:

    Client setup:

    Run lifemapper_cmd.exe and login with your email. Then stop the program and create a shortcut to lifemapper_cmd.exe and put this in the command line or target line:

    D:\****\lifemapper-i386-win-1.0.03\lifemapper_cmd.exe -p 64 -q -f -c 200

    -p 64 for 9x and NT4
    -p 16384 for 2K/XP


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    AMD 1,1 Ghz - 1 WU is processed in 30mi

    AMD 2200+ - 1 WU is processed in 15mi

    About bad jobpackets:

    "OK, since so many of you are having problems with all those corrupt JobPackets, I've just developed the 'LifeMapper Packet Watcher'.

    It's a simple application: just place it in your lifemapper client directory and start it up.

    Every x seconds it will check all the Lifemapper JobPackets for their filesize. Every JobPacket file <= 5 KB will be deleted automatically.

    The default interval is set to 480 seconds (8 Minutes). You can specify your own interval as well though.

    Please run the application like this 'LM_Packet_Watcher.exe -h' switch to see the help.

    Hopefully this can make 'babysitting' those machines a bit easier

    (mandatory disclaimer these days)
    Although I have complete faith in this little app. Use it at your own risk."

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