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Thread: Accont creation open

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    Accont creation open

    News from projects

    March 31, 2007.19:47 GMT
    Project Stage - Alpha. Account creation is open again to get a few more users

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    Neuron at Home

    I joined...

    This is a link on the messages sent by the server after completing a work unit!
    3/31/2007 5:10:09 PM|Project Neuron|Message from server: Starting in 18 days and 15 hours, project will require a minimum BOINC core client version of 5.8.0. You are currently using version 5.5.0; please upgrade before this time.

    Things that make you go hmmm...
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    but I like my 5.4.11

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    I'm using 5.5.16. Which seemingly has been removed from Berkeley's BOINC download server.

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    From the site:

    May 4, 2007.18:47 GMT
    Project Stage - Beta. New Linux version looks to be much more successful. V 3.9 is a mostly "static" version in that only one library is now needed dynamically and it seems to overcome many of the issues in previous versions. Optimisation has also made it quite competitive with the Windows version too! Linux users are asked to try the new version. To try and get a bit more Linux feedback the project is being opened up to new users for a short while.

    I attached a Kubuntu 7.04 box, and it is running WUs 4 times faster than Windows. With a quourum of 3, if you get paired with 2 Windows users, you can really get some points as Neuron uses the middle score for credit.

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    I'm on and crunching

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