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Thread: Superlink@Technion

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
    ...I can add the banner but I need Empty_5oul to modify it so its not the "Pi Segment" one. Does anybody have a way of contacting him with regards to this?
    we have several others you can point to:

    plus a couple in Empty_5oul's repertoire (folder)

    The "original" should suit best as it is in the stats folder.
    I think we should track down the others and "pool" them in the stats/images folder to avoid this problem in future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
    In the project's web page go to the Your Account section and log in. Within that area you will see an option to Edit your preferences for General and for the Project. Go in the Project preferences and select the appropriate radio button as to your choice. Save the changes and back in BOINC Manager perform an Update on the Commands tab for the Project you updated.
    Thanks Vaughan!
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    Suddenly there is activity here in this project. If anyone was curious?

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