September 16, 2007
Well, you probably could all see it coming. With all the minor and major problems I am having lately with the Belgian Beer site, my motivation was sinking deep. The tips and suggestions I did get haven't solved the current troubles. But that's only one side of the story. With all the new projects we are seeing lately, and no real ideas yet of a real subject for our project, I feel the site has become obsolete. This said, I have decided to put the Belgian Beer project on hold indefinitely. It may be up from time to time, when I use it to try something out that could be helpful in alpha testing new projects. But as far as the Boinc community is concerned, I would advise to detach machines and stop polling for the server status. The site will remain up for a couple of days more, for those who want to download the final statistics. I don't exclude the project will be back some day with a real mission, but don't hold your breath just yet. Thanks to all who supported the project, not in the least to all my team members who helped me create it in the first place. Jar Jar Binks.