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Thread: RS down for anyone else?

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    Credit for this post goes to Sunray_11A on the University of Houston's BOINC Virtual-Prairie Project's forums but it fits BOINC Riesel Sieve aptly too:

    It seems as though the people who are 'supposedly' in the know here cannot be bothered letting the rest of us know anything at all.

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    In the interest of consolidating discussion & moving our efforts forward, I have set up a small forum as a new 'command post' for the Riesel Sieve project, on one of our alternate domains, Since I don't have a copy of the database, anyone would have to re-register to post, but I plan to have this be the central communications point moving forward.

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    Here is the forum link for us dodo's:

    Doh! or this one (main forum index...)

    Thanks for the info Bryan. It's good to get some news.

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    Basically, the project creator has disappeared. People have been in contact with him, but we haven't heard any resumption date or even if things will resume. For the time being, I'm focusing my efforts on getting the non-BOINC side of the project up, as it is far easier and requires far less resources. We do not have access to any of the databases or we would have been able to restore things even without the project creator.

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    Fortunately that news is out of date already.

    The sensible news has already been updated here
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    At least that's some fairly good news. Fingers crossed.

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    This is Lee. I will restore most of our severs at Riesel Sieve in the near future. 'Near Future' doesn't mean now...tomorrow...or two days from now. It may mean this weekend if I have the energy, time, and equipment/supplies to bring us back online. I regret the sudden suspension of our project with no notice. It was caused by forces outside my control and our project remained down until certain issues were taken care of. The last few weeks has only been laziness on my part and Bryan shouldn't be blamed for any of it. I look forward to restoring this project to its once former glory and I appreciate all the support and help each of you have given Riesel Sieve over the years. I apologize for the continued downtime since there is no valid reason beyond time and simple laziness for non-restoration from this point forward. I ask for patience but don't expect any...I would pretty jumpy too if I were in your place.

    Look for servers to be up in the 'Near Future'

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    Anything new out there anywhere regarding anything on this project, or is it just a buzz-off to all the contributors of both the manual and the boinc efforts?

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    It looks like there is finally some changes to the new website...

    I could be mistaken but this project may be coming back finally.

    Most all of the links on the site do not work. But at least there is now a difference in what is shown.

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    Time will tell. It's taking a lot longer than anyone expected. if it does come back, then it will be interesting to see how many people do return, and exactly what parts of the project will return. They had mentioned that the boinc part wouldn't be returning for some time as that takes a lot of hardware to bring it back, which evidently isn't going to be there for some time. So that would leave it at the manual part of the project. Which was fine, I enjoyed that part for a long time, but when the boinc stuff basically took over then I moved on. I don't think that many boinc players will return to it if only the manual part of the project returns.

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