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Thread: Charity Crunch 2009 - POEM@Home, 24Jan to 8Feb

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    Charity Crunch 2009 - POEM@Home, 24Jan to 8Feb

    To everyone:

    I would like to invite you to the upcoming Charity-Crunching that will happen from January, 24th until February, 08th 2009 at POEM@home and which is organized by both L'Alliance Francophone and SETI.Germany.

    But let describe me the Idea behind a little bit more:
    Our Member sdw had brought this up and asked if we should organize such a thing. He thought about a medicinal Project that is stable enough and could need some combined Crunching Power. The Crunching should be international and open to Member of all Teams.
    After a few Weeks of Discussing we came to the Conclusion to organize this together with the Team L'Alliance Francophone which we had a few good Contacts with recently. He asked them as well if there was some interest from their Side and indeed, it was!

    So we are in the midst of organizing the whole thing that will show up as follows:
    sdw will create a new Account at POEM@home, and then he'll create a new Team. All Participants of the Charity-Crunching will switch over to this Team for the Time of the Charity-Crunching. For the time of the Crunching the L'Alliance Francophone is hosting a new Forum that can be found here: http://charity.boinc.fr/charity/liste_categorie.htm. We also created a new Sub domain http://charity.setigermany.de which is re-directed to this Forum for the Crunching Period.

    We are at the Moment searching for about 6 Members from our both Teams who will function as Moderator during the Crunching. The Board Language will be English during the Crunching - makes things easier for all of us

    I would like to invite you to join us during the Charity-Crunching. We will announce this at several News-Boards in Germany too to spread the Idea as wide as possible. We will also post a similar Invitation at other Team's Boards.

    Please join us on the forums if you have any question/comments or just for some relaxing banter.

    On behalf of both team L'Alliance Francophone and SETI.Germany
    Hope to see as many as possible of you there to crunch for a good cause.

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    Charity Crunch 2009 - POEM@Home, 24Jan to 8Feb

    Nice idea thanks for the invite...

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    I confess I don't feel confortable changing Teams...

    Maybe we could create an "AMD Users" account to share with everyone here in the Team and that account would be the one that would join the Charity Crunching?

    But indeed, I take Nflight's words as my own, it is a nice idea.

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    yeah i would agree that it is a nice idea but the changing team stuff makes it a no go per say but i guess thats where the charity part comes in

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    People can already crunch for poem@home on their team account. Why would they want to give up the personal and team points when their crunching is already "charity" to poem@home to have it all go to anonymous? I don't see the purpose really. If they want to hold a Charity Crunch, then they should allow teams within the special charity crunch account. I guess I don't get it from what was posted in the invitation.

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    allow me to address some of your concerns:
    Your and your team's current credits stay the same - no "old" credits will be changed in any way. So you and your team keep all the credits that have been received so far. During the 2 weeks crunch, all new credits go to your own account and the Charity Team account. After those 2 weeks, you should leave the Charity Team and re-join your previous team.
    There have been several reservations regarding changing teams (understandably so), so there is another alternative for those not wanting to change teams.
    We have a collective account, the so-called Booster account. Using the weak account key, you can crunch on this Booster account without the need to leave or re-join your team. More information about this option is available on this forum thread: http://board.setigermany.de/showthread.php?t=2741
    The point of this Charity Crunch is to show that Crunchers all over the globe can manage to do something together, work (for a limited time) towards one common goal - without the spirit of a race or something similar.
    Also, of course, you can create a new collective account "AMD Users" (as was proposed) and use that.
    I hope this clears up some of your concerns.
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