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Thread: D2OL Shutting down?

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    I'll remove them from the stats as well.
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    Yesterday I tried start the D2OL agent (after a long time of inactivity) and it worked bit refuce collect any data. "Unable reach the host". Today when I started the computer I got a message as said "D2OL cant run because there is not enougt memory". What the hell I was thinking. Went to their site and saw immidately somtging not were right.

    Read what they had wrote and understood the end had come. Now it is lesser non-Boinc project to run. Before I couldn´t reach MoneyBee either.

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    D2OL was a good project, and like all good projects it had to come to an end someday.

    But there's 90+ other projects to choose from these days, no lack of work anywhere.

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