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Thread: whoa stats!

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    augh... I'm slipping down the bandwidth list. and I had a power failure and all my boxes shutdown and killed my uptime stats as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nflight View Post
    Movie Night at Liuqyn's this Friday, I will bring the popcorn!
    I'll bring some beers!

    Hi guys

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    Movie night at Liuqyn's next week, same time again fellows.

    He still needs a nudge to get up to the top spot!

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    whoa stats

    I spend as much time on the train getting there as the whole time watching 7 movies. Thank God for sleeper berths on Trains !

    Ok I am in one more time, that was awesome! I get the comfy chair this time! You know the one with the speakers built into the head rests of the Recliner and the cup/mug holder built into the arms mounted on both the right and left. Two fisted drinking at its finest. Liuqyn your place is awesome.

    Frederic Brillouet next time move to either the right or the left of sitting in front of me, your too tall and that hair does not look good as I stretch my neck to see above your curly locks.

    Beerknurd was that you in the fur jacket looking like an eskimo, its Michigan not the north pole. You people from the south sure don't like cool temperatures. But you sure can drink a lot of Beer... He ha ha LMAO

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