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Thread: about to catch vaughan...

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    Wow... you came in with all the heavy artillery Dave... I already lost my 1st place.

    But I just got an email last night saying that I found a prime for the project!!

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    Well done!
    Those emails are hard to come by.

    I haven't crunched sr5 for so long.
    They used to take a long time and the points were hard earned.
    You can see by the number of candidates some of us had crunched in the past for similar points that you have now.
    So I put my shoulder into it.
    Not everything, but more than half.
    Besides, you sieved so much in the last few months we'd better get some of it tested eh?
    I wonder if we can do enough to rattle Team Germany before the May contests start on May 5th? :D
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