Improved acceptance policies, full speed ahead

We have been thinking on how to improve the service. As of late we have been getting so many renders that we need to figure out a way to priorizise our work. After some forum discussion we have finally arrived to a decision that should increase the service's performance a lot for those who really need it:

We will not render your session if your description does not clearly state that the animation is used in some kind of production, may it be a film project, commercial work or personal portfolio. Any kind of tests will be rejected if there is anything more urgent in the queue. If the description does not state that the render is for some kind of project it is assumed to be a test render.

This policy is in power immediately. We'll be sorting our current queue of 240 sessions and rendering only what is really required. Afterwards we hope to really eliminate the wait times for those who are facing deadlines and require their projects done fast.

We believe that we have finally nailed the issues caused by the new validator. If all goes well we are probably able to return to usual rendering at full speed. Today we will begin trying to drive the farm with a light 5 simultaneous sessions test, tomorrow moving to 6, then 7 and so on. Hopefully we are not seeing any more jams. The farm will be working pretty heavily for a few weeks =)

We are also working on adding priorities. These are user settings that you can use to define what kind of work you wish to render: You may state that you prefer open licenses, and always render anything that belongs to a movie project, and refuse to render anything with a copyright license, maybe like some user and always prefer to render his animations. There is still some work to do here, but it's looking for good from the backend side of things.

Off-Topic: Curiosity has successfully landed on Mars! Today is a good day to be a member of our species.