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Thread: I'll Huff and I will Puff and I will Bloooowwww Your House Down !

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    I'll Huff and I will Puff and I will Bloooowwww Your House Down !

    I have so many projects that I can not have the signature like the one you display because mine is five columns wide not four: Here is the link: It will show the URL but it won't allow me to display the image because its so large... I tried it on my Signature but again its too wide. All people see are the six projects I work on at any one time. But now that i have improved my ability to do more with this new system I can't display all 46 projects I am working on at the same time - Vaios !

    Absolutely way too involved helping the Team then thinking about displaying my Huge donation of time energy and motivation to share my skin with every project out there.

    Challenge me, or correct me, but don't ask me to die quietly.

    …Pursuit is always hard, capturing is really not the focus, it’s the hunt ...

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    ? I can see all three! (at 1680x1050) You can even add another column...perhaps even two!

    and otherwise you can try
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