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Thread: Beyond SLinCA

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    Beyond SLinCA

    Beyond SLinCA@Home, Yuri Gordienko continues to do research.

    It is great to see that Yuri still pushing the boundaries and involving the family.
    Through helping Yuri with his recent research, Yuri's son's project work got him into the Google Science Fair regional finals!

    Yuri recently released a short video - in english - about this latest research project into human kinetic measurement using accelerometers.
    This included a very interesting and sensible explanation of a mathematical observation that allows classification of the complex kinetic readings.

    In case you forgot who Yuri is, here is a video of him explaining the potential and importance of the work into Distributed Computing for Ukraine (in Ukranian)
    IDGF, SliNCA@Home, DEGISCO project - Yuri Gordienko. (4:43)

    PS - He was also winner of The Economist-InnoCentive Smart Systems Challenge in 2012
    @Nflight - that winning solution is very much in your sphere of interest.
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